Selected Plays


The true story of how votes were bought with beer in rural Pennsylvania in the 1970's. Joey returns to Shamokin, Pennsylvania for his father's funeral, confronting his past and impending future. A local man, Kimber, takes him under his wing and begins to reveal his father's involvement in motivating a political base. Their tactics, reflective of the nation, force Joey to face his morals head on. This is a story based on fact. This is a story based on hearsay. Part of the Northumberland Trilogy* of plays. - 2 F, 6 M

Developed by Oregon Performance Lab | Directed by Wilson Milam

Reading by Fault Line Theatre | Directed by Geordie Broadwater

Workshopped by Fault Line Theatre | Directed by Katie McGerr

*Other unfinished pieces from the Northumberland Trilogy include Anne and Lords

Wishing Time

co-writer Kevin Flinn music/lyrics Thom Woodley

Everyone would like to find a genie to grant them three wishes. But, what if instead of a regular genie, it was a Rock and Roll genie? In Wishing Time, Gene, the Rockin' Genie, takes Bobby on a wild rock ride through wacky adventures and perilous danger. The two adventurers encounter many colorful characters along their travels, including superheroes, a candy family and doo-wopping business people. They are sure to have an incredible adventure, but will Bobby's wishes give him what he really wants? - 6-8 roles, flexible gender

Produced by Vital Theatre | Review: NY Times 

Untitled Play #3 (short)

She sits at home after one hell of a day, she watches Hulu and has feelings. We've all got'em. - 1 F

Produced by  CAPS LOCK Theatre as part of Pussyfest | Directed by Courtney Ulrich

Untitled Play #2 (short)

The two women, Megs and Izzie, sit looking at the sky. They’re all wrapped up in a silence. The world breathes through the moment. Kinda like one of them is part of the sky and the other is just a cloud or somethin’ blowing through it. But people are people. You know. Megs ponders between the sky and Izzie. She’s holding onto something. Ain’t a pretentious thing about either of these ladies. - 2 F

Produced by The September Play Project | Directed by Aaron Rossini

Fuck It World (short)

The story of a dude who decides to float down the East River in a wooden tub and out to sea during a hurricane after being continuously dealt bum hands by life. A story of joy, sadness, the modern world, art, talking animals and a man with his cat at sea. - cast of 8, flexible gender

Produced by The Flea Theater as part of #serials@theflea | Directed by Danya Taymor

Untitled Play (short)

Three friends exist together in an apartment, in time and space, sitting upon the astral plane. There they make incredibly stupid decisions. It's all pretty wonderful and pretty silly - poetry forced into prose pushed out into the world through the mouths of millennials. - 1 F, 2 M



Research: A Novel for Performance by Joseph Riippi with Afterword by Nick Leavens

"This is Why We Marched" op-ed from January 2017